Tree Pruning & Trimming in Fletcher, NC

Large trees in your yard have the potential to easily lose their limbs and branches during storms or high winds. They could also break off due to the age of the tree or their weight. Tree pruning or tree trimming is important for the health of your tree and to protect your property. The professionals at Hendersonville Tree Service are experienced as well as bonded and insured so that you know you’re going to get the best service possible when your trees are trimmed so that they stay healthy.

Another reason to prune your trees is to provide clearance around utility lines. If branches fall on power or other utility lines, then they can be damaged, resulting in a loss of power or services to your home or surrounding homes.

Keeping fruit trees trimmed can often result in the tree producing more fruit since there wouldn’t be dead ends to prevent blooms and fruit from growing. Ornamental trees can also benefit from shaping them at least once a year. The trees won’t have pieces that are taller than others, making them look uneven and ragged. Instead, the trees will usually have a rounded appearance so that you can clearly see the design.