Stump Grinding & Removal Services in Fletcher, NC

If you have a tree stump in your yard, you may be tempted to try DIY stump removal. However, removing a stump is much more labor-intensive and potentially dangerous than the average home improvement DIYer generally expects. There are several reasons Fletcher, NC residents and commercial property owners should leave this complex job to the professionals.

Removing a Stump Can Be Destructive and Dangerous

Tree stumps remain connected to an elaborate network of tree roots beneath the ground’s surface. These roots may continue to grow after the attached tree has been cut down to the stump. Tree roots often grow in close proximity to utility equipment your gas, water, and cable companies place below the ground. Removing a tree stump yourself can easily damage utility equipment that may affect your property as well as neighboring properties.

You Lack The Proper Tools to Remove a Tree Stump

Most people do not have the required tools to safely and efficiently remove a tree stump. Our team is equipped with the necessary commercial-grade tools in addition to the knowledge and experience we need to successfully remove your tree stump in less time, with zero injuries, and with no damage to your utility lines.

Stump Grinding Service in Fletcher, NC

If you have a tree stump you are ready to remove from your yard, call us. We offer affordable pricing, prompt service, and friendly, professionally trained technicians.